Prideful Poll
Prideful Poll
Part of Conduit Vermis
Type Wayhouse
Appearances Lamplighter

The Prideful Poll is a wayhouse located between Ashenstall and Patrishalt. It is built into the cutting of the northern side of the Conduit Vermis and is a square, keep-like square structure with a rounded roof surrounded by a a thick wall. The entrance is opposite a great-lamp and has a pair of lanterns between which is suspended its sign, a circle with the silhouette of a "proud-looking head" with the wayhouse's name in large white letters.[1] Europe is familiar with it.


When the post-lentum carrying her along with Threnody and Rossamünd Bookchild approached Ashenstall, Europe offered the lentermen some financial incentive to press on to the Prideful Poll as she refused to stay there for the night. They agreed and arrived at the Prideful Poll an hour after dark had fallen. The following day they had to wait for another lentum to take them east as the one the crew of the one they had traveled on refused to enter the Frugelle.


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 22

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