Proud Sulking
Proud Sulking
Alternate names Schmollenstolz
Part of Soutlands
Type City
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Appearances Foundling
Mentioned Factotum

Proud Sulking, also known as Schmollenstolz, is the major city of the Sulk, located on the eastern banks of the River Humour. It is a minor rival of Boschenberg, offering relatively cheap access to its port in order to persuade barges to dock there and avoid the higher upriver tolls of the Axles.


It is a thriving river port in its own right, where goods produced in the Sulk, namely vegetables, grains, cotton, limestone and flax, are transported for export to the rest of the world. This causes a great deal of political friction with Boschenberg, which previously held a monopoly on exporting these products.




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