Q Hesiod Gæta
Alternate names 3rd PQHG
Type Prentice-lighter quarto
Origin Winstermill
Based in Winstermill
Notable members Rossamünd Bookchild
Appearances Lamplighter

Q Hesiod Gæta, abbreviated as 3rd PQHG, was one of three prentice-lighter quartos in being when Rossamünd Bookchild began his prenticeship at Winstermill. It was named after a famous Lamplighter-Marshal of old and consisted of those prentices whose names were in the latter third of the alphabet. Rossamünd would have been sorted into another quarto had he not been delayed.

The quarto participated in two theroscades during its training period, both of which also involved the first and only female prentice, Threnody, who joined the quarto as a member halfway through. Q Hesiod Gæta was dissolved following Billeting Day when its prentices were assigned to their respective cothouses and left Winstermill to assume their billets.


Q Hesiod Gæta was the 3rd Prentice-Watch, following Q Protogenës and Q Io Harpsicarus and initially consisted of six boys whose names placed them at the bottom third of the alphabet. However because he arrived at Winstermill a week late, Rossamünd Bookchild was sorted into it and thus missed the window to form tangible friendships with the fellow members of his quarto.[1]



  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 1

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