For the gates named after Radica and Dudica, see Two Sisters (gates).
Radica and Dudica
Other names Two Sisters
Twin Sisters
Status Deceased
Origin Brandenbrass
Unique traits Were manikins
Mentioned Factotum

Radica and Dudica, also known as the Two Sisters, Twin Sisters, or Beladice, were twin sisters from Brandenbrass who are regarded as the city's heroines.


Hundreds of years ago they defended a stile of the outer defenses from a horde of monsters that had targeted the cows and goats being held within. They were also manikins and were known by the Lapinduce, who much later informed Rossamünd Bookchild that the sisters had also struggled with trying to determine their true nature.[1] This fact however remains unknown to the Brandenards, who to commemorate Radica and Dudica erected gates on the spot where their stand supposedly occurred, which are in turn topped by statues of the pair.


  1. Factotum, Chapter 9

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