Red Scarfe
Sodbury Wicket & Red Scarfe
Sodbury Wicket and Red Scarfe
Part of Naught Swathe
Type Village
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Mentioned Lamplighter

Red Scarfe is one of the more prominent villages in the Naught Swathe. Located on the Vestiweg north of Winstermill and south of Sodbury Wicket, it is named for the red bricks that were originally used in the construction of its sloping encircling walls, which are also known as a scarfe or scarp. While Naught Swathe is part of Sulk End, many of Red Scarfe's inhabitants consider themselves to be part of the westernmost section of the Idewild, as they have family and associates in that area.

At outbreak of the fugous cankers at Red Scarfe prevented Doctor Crispus from seeing the wounded calendars after they had arrived at Winstermill.[1]


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 4

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