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A rhombus is a type of academy that trains those who wish to become skolds, dispensurists, and scourges. Rhombuses have their roots in the guilds that were formed by rhubezals to train their disciples.


Admission into a rhombus is difficult and expensive and the spots available for students are limited, with the best rhombuses having waiting lists over 20 years' long. The student skold, known as a rhubus, attends for two years, during which they learn how to create scripts, both vulgum and nostrum. Their education include the bases and their combinations and they learn how to create their own private nostrum as well as more well-known scripts. They also study matter, the Elements, Sub-ElementsFour Spheres and Four Humours, as well as the Körnchenflecter, as the understanding of these subjects is integral to the creation of scripts. 

Rhubuses also study various ancient and modern texts on habilistics, which may be forbidden depending on whether the rhombus is located within the Haacobin Empire, where many objects associated with the dark trades are banned. A common text studied in rhombuses is the Vadé Chemica.

Dispensurists receive six months' training at a rhombus. The training period for scourges was not specified.


There are many rhombuses scattered around the Haacobin Empire, such as the Madrigoll in Maubergone and the Saumagora in Brandenbrass. However the best skolds are trained at the rhombus in Wörms in the Gottlands, a land notorious for its skolds and rhubezhals. Many of the texts most important to the education of a skold, which are illegal in the Haacobin Empire, are legal in the Gott Empire, which gives the rhombuses located there a greater advantage. 


In Euclidean geometry, a rhombus (◊), plural rhombi or rhombuses, is a simple (non-self-intersecting) quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length.

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