Type Skold and teratologist
Employed by Various
Notable examples Biargë
Mentioned Factotum

A rhubezal is an archaic branch of the skolding tradition most commonly found in the Gott Empire. Traditionally these combined the roles of skold and dispensurist, teaching apprentices the secret chemical wisdom brought over by the Skalds from their homeland in the Derelands. Eventually they built up schools such as that in Wörms and the separate specialties of combative skolding (or scourging) and pharmaceutical dispensurist split off. However there remains a certain amount of crossover: skolds still sell scripts and potives of varying function and learn how to make helpful drafts, while some dispensurists know their way around dangerous chemicals.Rhubezals still exist in rural backwaters but are considered old-fashioned.


A rübezahl is a mythical mountain spirit in central European folklore.

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