Right of the Open Hand
Alternate names Main Ouvere
Type Calendar clave
Origin Fontrevault
Based in Fontrevault
Mentioned Factotum

The Right of the Open Hand, also known as the Main Ouvere, is a calendar clave based in Fontrevault on the border between Maine and Naimes. Their aplombery is attended by many of the daughters of high station from the surrounding area and included Europe and Syntychë. The calendars' focus is on acts of generosity.


Europe and Syntychë were both contemporaries at the Right of the Open Hand. What is known about the former's tenure was mentioned by Threnody, who heard about it from her mother. Why Europe was expelled has not been entirely made clear although she hints that her affinities for the bastinado and sagaris, which were taught there, played a role. Following her expulsion she shortly afterwards permanently left Naimes.[1]


The alternate name, Main Ouvere, appears to be derived from "main ouverte", French for "open hand".


  1. Factotum, Chapter 17


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