Type Non-lethal pistol ammunition
User Various, including Rookwood Saakrahenemus Fyfe
Appearances Factotum

Sack is a type of non-lethal pistol ammunition. It is a requirement in Brandenbrass that the pistols carried by men as items of fashion and that teratologists carry as tools of their trade must be loaded with sack as opposed to conventional bullets. This is enforced by the city's duffers.


Rookwood Saakrahenemus Fyfe and a friend "with a pretty wife"[1] fought a duel of sorts on a Brandenbrass beach, firing at each other with pistols loaded with sack. Rookwood's opponent hit him in the groin and knocked him down, as he was not wearing a likesome. He revealed to Rossamünd Bookchild that he was not injured due to the ammunition that had been used. Later that night, one of the doormen to the hob-rousing pit of the Broken Doll remarked that Rookwood's pistols had better be loaded with sack before he let him in the door.[2]


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