Alternate names Thanatocrith
Type Lahzar
Employed by Various
Notable examples Unnamed sciomane
Appearances Factotum

A Sciomane, also known as a thanatocrith, is a type of lahzar capable of controlling autonecraught gudgeons, especially jackstraws, by using a skill called striction.


Striction requires the implantation of a tiny portion of a thanatocrith's brain within the gudgeon, some of whose own brain matter is swapped with its master. Striction needs to be performed within close range, otherwise the thanatocrith risks losing control of the gudgeon. As a thanatocrith gains more experience, they can extend this range and even control several gudgeons at once. However, an increase in either makes the gudgeon(s) more difficult to control and once contact is lost the monster will revert to its "natural" behavior. They are employed as percusors in some areas of the Harthe Alle such as Heilgoland, but are quite rare in the Half-Continent, existing primarily as the agents of members of the dark trades.


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