Alternate names Orgular
Type Skold and teratologist
Employed by Various
Notable examples Josclin
Appearances Trilogy

A scourge is a type of skold who focuses exclusively on teratology and specialises in using the deadliest scripts known. Also known as an orgular, exitumath, the calendar equivalent is cheimin and a military scourge is known as a bombastine. Scourges are considered habilists, putting them in the same category as those who specialise in physics or medicine.

The life of a scourge is one of danger and violence. While they are preferred to their rivals, the lahzars, scourges have a reputation for being unmanageable and unhinged. Their practice of wearing fascins, protective coverings to keep them safe from their own chemistry, increases the sense of mystery about them.

Notable scourges are Josclin and the legendary Harold, who is incorrectly remembered as a skold.

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