Scrupulus Sicus
Status Alive
Affiliations Podious Whympre
Haacobin Dynasty
Occupations Imperial Secretary
Series debut Lamplighter

Scrupulus Sicus is an Imperial Secretary from the Considine and patron of Podius Whympre. He is a friend of the Whympre family and has used his influence to advance Podious' career.


Sicus wears clerical black coattails as the uniform of his office. Like many Imperial servants, he also sports a shaved head.[1] When he went to Europe's come-as-you-fancy he came as a glaucologue of the early Haacboin Empire.



Sicus arrived from High Vesting on 23 Pulvis[2] with a sis edisserum summoning the Lamplighter-Marshal to the Considine. The following day Podius Whympre mentioned this when he addressed the Winstermill garrison to inform them that the Lamplighter-Marshal had been recalled and that he was taking command as the Marshal-Subrogat.[3] Sicus was later named at Rossamünd Bookchild's court-martial, where he tried to interfere with and even ignore Europe's use of the quo gratia privilage.


He later attended Europe's come-as-you-fancy, ironically costumed as a glaucologue of the early Haacboin Empire. Ironically when he had tried to stop Europe from leaving Winstermill with Rossamünd, she had called him (among other things), a babbling glaucologue.[4]


"Scrupulus Sicus" is Latin for "dry stone." It may be a play on Splinteazle's advice to suck on a small pebble to alleviate thirst and preserve water.[5]


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