Part of Half-Continent
Type Pars regia magna
Ruler Scepticus XLV Haacobin Menangës
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Mentioned Lamplighter

The Seat is one of the three divisions, or pars regia magna of the Haacobin Empire. It is divided in turn into three regions: the Stipula, the Leven, and the tablelands of the Marrow. In the last of these is the Imperial capital of Clementine, from which entire empire itself is ruled. The Marrow, the Grassmeer, the Verid Litus section of the empire and Sebastian-Agrigentum form the northern, southern, eastern and western boundaries of the Seat.



Main article: Benevenetium


The Leven is described as an agricultural region, perhaps a source of foodstuffs for Clementine. Geographically it lies beneath the tableland of Benevenetium and is almost a part of the Grassmeer, rising only slightly from that threwdish region. The two are seperated by a few paltry rivers and a chain of hills.


Part of the tablelands of the Seat, Onesiphia was at one time known as Onesiph. A breach (known as Ruinium or simply as the Breach) in the Straight Wall, the southern edge of the tablelands stretching from Benevenetium to the Sage occurs in southern Onesiphia: south of this gap lies the Reduncus, Lapthia and the threwdish Grassmeer itself.


Main article: Stipula

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