Part of Burgundis
Type City
Ruler Unknown
Affiliations Independent
Mentioned Series

Sinster is a remote city located on the western edge of the Gott Empire, in the region of Burgundis. It is most well known for being the source of lahzars, as well as a home to participants of the dark trades, including transmogrifiers and massacars.


Originally founded by Burgundians, Sinster sits at the fork of two threwdish  rivers. It consists into two parts:

  • Sinster Major: The original city, predating the Haacobin Empire, founded by Burgundian settlers.
  • Later Sinster: An expansion of the original city built centuries later. It was build by Cathar refugees fleeing the destruction of their homeland, Caathis.

It is the Cathars of Later Sinster that bring the city its dark fame. Utilizing their ancient, blasphemous knowledge, brilliant Cathar surgeons accomplish incredible yet notorious feats of black habilistics, including the transmogrification of individuals into lahzars. In spite of their ill reputations, many peers of the Empire have secretly had their lives saved by Sinster's surgeons.




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