Sinus Tintinabuline
Sin Tin
Alternate names Bay of Bells
Sin Tin
Part of Half-Continent
Type Bay
Mentioned Factotum

The Sinus Tintinabuline, meaning Bay of Bells and often shortened to Sin Tin, is a great body of water northeast of the Half-Continent. It is bordered by the Turkmantine Empire to the west, Dhaghestahn to the north, and the Brigandine States to the east.

With the exception of the wide-faring vinegaroons, the Sinus Tintinabuline is viewed by the natives of the Half-Continent as exotic. On its northern islands live rarely-seen aurangs, and ol' touchy is made by the pirate-kings from cacti grown in Parthia.


The Sinus Tintinabuline's name is derived from the numerous warning bells and markers that have been moored by its many submerged hazards for as long as history records. It is so tricky to navigate that these aids are mutually maintained by all who traverse the Bay. The pirate-kings themselves only very occasionally utilise them for ruses and traps.


Behind the scenesEdit

It appears on a map drawn by D. M. Cornish in September 2009 that gives an outline of the Harthe Alle.[1]


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