Sallow Meermoon
Sallow Meermoon
Alternate names Fumomath, zaumabalist, pharmacine
Type Teratologist
Employed by Various
Notable examples Sallow Meermoon, Nullifus Drawk, Frangipanni
Appearances Trilogy

A skold is a teratologist who specialises in using various scripts, which may be delivered in different ways. The calendar equivalent is a pharmacine. Unlike scourges, who concentrate exclusively on monster-hunting, skolds also sell scripts of their own making to ordinary people for their own use. They are the most organised of the teratologists, having guilds and training future skolds in rhombuses.

Sallow Meermoon is a skold who serves as a fugelman in the Brindleshaws. The legendary Harold, known as the Great Skold, was actually a scourge.



Skolds are descended from the rhubezhals, the monster-hunters of the ancient Skylds. When these rhubezhals began serving outside their homeland, they acquired new knowledge and began to formalise it. This culminated in the creation of guilds and the rhombuses, schools for training future skolds. The best skolds come from the rhombus in Wörms.

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