Harold vs. Slothog
A contemporary pamphlet illustration of Harold facing the Slothog.
Age 43 in HIR 1395 (Deceased)
Origin Turkmantine Empire
Affiliations Turkeman army
Type Bolbogis
Unique traits Large size
Had spines on its shoulders and back that could be launched just once in battle as projectile weapons
Appearances Foundling
Mentioned Factotum

The Slothog was a famous and long-lived bolbogis that was created and used by the Turkemen.


One of the largest bolbogis ever created, the Slothog had spines on its back and shoulders that were four to six feet long. It could launch these just once when in battle to deadly effect.


Created in HIR 1352 by the Turkemen, the Slothog was deployed in battle two years later, living for the remarkably long time of 43 years. It was brought by the Turkeman army when they responded to Moribund Scepticus III's plea for aid against the Stately League in HIR 1395, but was not deployed against the army of the Sceptic Empire when the Turkemen betrayed the emperor and attempted to capture Clementine, resulting in the Battle of the Gates.

The following day the Slothog was unleashed against the Leaguesarmy, which had marched through the night after learning of the emperor's plight. The imperial army, led by Harold, sallied forth from Clementine to hit the Turkemen right flank, driving them onto the center to start a rout. Together with the Leaguesarmy and imperial troops Harold faced the Slothog, killing it, but also losing his life. The Slothog then dissolved into a puddle, preventing anyone from learning its secrets. Its death was the turning point of the battle, and the Turkeman army broke and fled. Afterwards, the new emperor, Menagës Scepticus Haacobin I, who had usurped power from the Sceptics, promoted Harold as a great hero of the battle, and he was propagandised to have slain the Slothog by himself.



Rossamünd Bookchild was reading about the fight between Harold and the Slothog in a pamphlet that Verline bought for him after he was beaten in harundo by his nemesis, Gosling Corvinius Arbour.


The Slothog was later mentioned by Rossamünd when Decius Trottinott related how his ancestor had won acclaim at the Battle of the Gates.[1]


  1. Factotum, Chapter 14 - Trottinott gives a tour of the Patredike.

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