Alternate names Soratchë
Type Calendar clave
Affiliations Maids of Malady
Mentioned Lamplighter

The Soratchë (pronounced "Saw’rat’kee") is a small calendar clave which notably consists entirely of caladines, making them well-known and widespread. Their goal is to eradicate the dark trades and especially the work of the massacars or black habilists, and they have gained a reputation for violence in carrying out this goal. They lack an Imperial Prerogative which would normally be granted to a clave, but this has not stopped or prevented them from carrying out their mission. The Soratchë is allied with another clave, the Maids of Malady, who share their goal and are even more fervent in its pursuit.



The Soratchë was mentioned by Europe as having been rumored to be investigating Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill, who had a long reputation for being a black habilist going back to his time in Sinster.[1] When Saphine, a caladine from the Maids of Malady was seen in the saloon of the Brisking Cat, Europe suspected that she was in the area to investigate Swill and that the Soratchë was also involved. Threnody however had a rival opinion of other claves entering the area overseen by her own, the Right of the Pacific Dove. Nonetheless, Europe spoke to Saphine on her own, most likely about what Rossamünd Bookchild had discovered about Swill.


Months later Saphine visited Europe at Cloche Arde, where she revealed that both the Soratchë and the Maids had joined in planning to take on Swill. She later led a force in an attack on a coven of necromancers as part of Europe's plan to deliver a devastating surprise attack on Pater Pontiflex Maupin and his allies in Brandenbrass.[2]


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