The Soutlands, where the Haacobin Empire's city-states are located.
Part of Haacobin Empire
Type Semi-independent states
Ruler Various
Appearances Series

The Soutlands (said "sowt-lands" or "sutt-lands" depending on the speaker's origin) is a vast region making up the lower half of the Haacobin Empire, south of the threwdish Grassmeer. It is comprised of numerous semi-independent city-states.


The Soutlands are home to many different city-states, including:


While politically a part of the Haacobin Empire, the Soutlands are known for having a strong independent streak to them.  Originally, many of the city-states were founded by different races such as the Burgundians and Pilts, but were conquered by the Tutelarchs (and later Tutins) and absorbed into their empire. A concerted Soutland effort to force the Emperor to give the city-states a greater say in the running of the then Sceptic Empire resulted in his turning to the Empire's eternal rivals, the Turkemen and their empire, for help, resulting in the Battle of the Gates. The Soutlands saved the Emperor and Clementine from the Turkemen, leading to greater political power when the Sceptic Dynasty was supplanted by the Haacobin Dynasty. Following these events, the Emperor established two alternats, or secondary capitals, to keep his southern holdings properly governed and subdued.

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