Sparrow Downs
Sparrow Downs
Alternate names Spatzbergs
Part of Smallish Fells
Type Hills and autumn
Ruler Duke of Sparrows
Appearances Lamplighter
Mentioned Factotum

The Sparrow Downs, also known as the Spatzbergs, Nigfluttenwald, or Herfstmus, is a range of hills that are part of the Smallish Fells. Bordering the Idlewild and Small, it is the ruled by the Duke of Sparrows, a nimuine or monster-lord who seeks to benefit everyman. Despite this, the Lapinduce also mentioned that rever-men are made there.[1]

Although the Duke of Sparrows has never officially been seen and is believed to be a myth, few venture far into the Downs. The Nigflutenwald (“the Wood of Little Wings”) that lies within it is believed to be a tykewood infested with monsters. Peltrymen who have dared venture into it have reported an inordinate number of sparrows and other small birds and skulking threats.


Dolours, a calendar of the Right of the Pacific Dove, is familiar with the Duke of Sparrows, suggesting that she has been to the Sparrow Downs before.[2] Rossamünd Bookchild may have been born in a threwdish swamp in this area as he has been known to both the Duke of Sparrows and Cinnamon since he was a baby.



It implied that Freckle journeyed here after he was rescued by Rossamünd Bookchild and was charged by the Duke of Sparrows with keeping watch over the boy. Rossamünd and Threnody passed the Sparrow Downs by coach when they were assigned to Wormstool. Freckle later told Rossamünd the second time that they met face to face that he would be safer in the Sparrow Downs, although Rossamünd did not understand why at the time.[3]


The morning after the Lapinuduce rescued Rossamünd he offered easy passage to the Downs. Rossamünd however remained loyal to Europe and declined the offer.[1]

Following the Battle of Winstermill, Cinnamon led the survivors to the Downs, where Dolours was healed by the Duke of Sparrows and Numps was allowed to join his "old, old friends" at last. After the survivors were healed, the calendars who had accompanied them saw them to High Vesting.[4]

Although Europe reluctantly gave Rossamünd the option of going to the Downs after they had returned to Brandenbrass after recovering at Orchard Harriet in the wake of the ambush at Step Dribble, he again decided to remain with her.[5] However following the assault on Pater Pontiflex Maupin, the two realized that they could no longer stay together. Rossamünd left Brandenbrass with Freckle and Darter Brown to settle in the Sparrow Downs.


The alternate name of Spatzbergs is derived from Spatzberg, German for "Sparrow Mountain".


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