Spider Queen
Spider Queen
Other names Duchess of Spiders
Arean Dutrix
Age Ancient
Type Monster-lord
Stance towards everyman Indifferent (petchinin)
Mentioned Blog

The Spider Queen, also known as the Duchess of Spiders, Arean Dutrix, or the Spinnerling, is a petchinin monster-lord dwelling deep within her tykewood autumn of Spinningwood. Here she is protected by both the woods and whispers of her unseen threat. She is the only named monster-lord to have a monarchical title, as all other monster-lords have so far used ducal titles.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Spider Queen was introduced by D. M. Cornish on his blog in September 2009 and is not otherwise mentioned in the main story or explicariums.[1] She is the first named female monster-lord, preceding the Duchess of Butterflies, who was not mentioned until 2010 with the publication of Factotum.


Her alternate name the Arean Dutrix may be derived in part from Araneae, the order that spiders belong to.


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