Alternate names Basement
Part of Conduits
Type Fortlet
Appearances Lamplighter

A stone-harbour or basement is a type of fortlet intended to serve as an emergency refuge for patrolling lamplighters. They are located on conduits between cothouses and are half buried into the ground. A stone-harbour can accommodate a quarto of lighters and is stocked with enough food and water to last them for over a week, the amount of time it is reckoned for a rescue effort to be mounted or for attacking monsters to lose interest in them. Every other lampsmen has a key to them and periodically rotating the stock of food and water is one of the duties of the seltzermen.

It was while Rossamünd Bookchild, Threnody, and Splinteazle were restocking the stone-harbour at East Bleak 36 West Stool 10 that a force of monsters began the Battle of Wormstool, taking advantage of the cothouse’s reduced strength.[1]


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 26

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