Syncratis Pater
Status Deceased
Origin Languedock
Affiliations Pater Pontiflex Maupin
Occupations Wit
Pater's deputy
Relatives Pater Pontiflex Maupin (uncle)
Maupin family
Series debut Factotum

Syncratis Pater was a wit who was the deputy and nephew of Pater Pontiflex Maupin.


Syncratis dressed very much the part of a dandidawdler. He wore a silver wig with a long thick tail held with a black ribbon and had the fringe twisted into a pair of horns. He wore a thick tortue around his neck and a bright harness of blue-green striped with pink.


Wit: Syncratis had full control of his antics and was able to persistently maintain his witting to full effect during his pursuit of Rossamünd Bookchild.



At the Broken Doll Syncratis sat next to his uncle and was noticed after Rookwood Saakrahenemus Fyfe pointed out Pater Pontiflex Maupin to Rossamünd. Syncratis noticed that Rossamünd had used glister to disrupt the sabrine adept from finishing off the Handsome Grackle and was about to wit him, but this caused a commotion among the nearby spectators, who feared that they would be witted as well. Rossamünd was able to flee the Broken Doll and secured a takeny outside. Syncratis however was able to quickly make his exit and set off in pursuit in a second takeny and with three accomplices, using his witting to locate his quarry. His sending caused Rossamünd's takenyman to stop and evict him, forcing him to continue on foot and seek refuge inside the locked Moldwood Park. After the gate was forced, Syncratis continued his sending, varying it from violent to more gentle after Rossamünd went to ground. He evaded the latter's attempt to counterattack with loomblaze and was able to seize him, but his victory was brief, as the Lapinduce had been roused by the witting and found them both. Syncratis attacked it with the full power of his witting, but was seized by the face and lifted off his feet. The Lapinduce shook him until it broke his neck before casting the body aside.[1]

The next day the Broken Doll's door wards entered the Moldwood in search of Syncratis but could not find a trace of him and the Lapinduce used its threwd to frighten them away. His disappearance was reported to Pater, who mentioned it to Europe when he confronted her at Cloche Arde. Receiving no satisfaction from her and forced to pull back, Pater visited his associate, the Archduke of Brandenbrass, and raised his complaint with him. Baron Idias Finance later informed Europe when she was on her way to respond to the archduke's invitation that Syncratis had been Pater's nephew.[2] However the archduke focused more on what he had learned about Rossamünd possibly being a manikin during his meeting with Europe and did not mention Syncratis.[3]


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