Temburly Hall
Type Manor house
Owner Count Philemon Plume
Affiliations Plume family
Mentioned Factotum

Temburly Hall is the hereditary manor house of the Plume family and the seat of their countenancy, Windspect Folia. It is described as being "grand spreading".[1]

Nearly a decade before the events of Monster Blood Tattoo, Philemon Plume's wife, the countess, was attacked by a nicker on the steps of Temburly Hall and died of her injuries. Cinnamon, who happened to be nearby, was unable to save her although he did rescue the Plumes' tykehound Baltissär, which had tried to defend her. Following his wife's death the count underwent a dramatic decline and retreated to a life of seclusion at his brother's home, Orchard Harriet. In his absence the manor is maintained by a skeleton staff.


  1. Factotum explicarium

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