The Idlewild, which is composed of two themes.
Type Military district
Commander Marshal
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Appearances Foundling
Mentioned Factotum

A theme is a military district commanded by a general or a marshal, in which case the latter may command multiple themes. They are responsible for all military and defense matters within the theme. An example of a theme is the Idlewild, which is actually two themes: the western half consists of the Placidine and is governed by Winstermill, while the Paucitine comprises the eastern half, governed by Haltmire. Both meet at the Wight, an Imperial fortress city.


  • Imperial theme: A theme established by the Haacobin Empire, sometimes without regard to the boundaries of the city-states affected.
  • Static theme: A theme under the control of a city-state.

When both types of theme overlap the resulting clash of jurisdictions can result in bickering.


The concept and name is likely derived from the Byzantine Empire's theme or themata system.

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