Affiliations Madigan
Occupations Madigan's factotum and leer
Weapons Pistols

Threedice is Madigan's factotum.


Threedice has dark eyes and dark hair, with a long, horse-like face. As a laggard, his eyes are brown and yellow. He appears to be in his 30s.[1]


He is taciturn and blunt as well as "surly".[2] Threedice appeared to be jealous at the male guests paying constant attention to Madigan during Europe's grand gala, but did not do anything other glare at them.


Being a laggard, Threedice has enhanced vision which enables him to see things that are farther away or in dark places, and through things.

Madigan and him practice a coordinated style of close fighting similar to dancing which uses her abilities as a fulgar and his pistols. This involves them locking elbows with each other and spinning in a circle. Threedice is also somewhat resilient, as he possibly suffered a broken arm during the assault on Pater Pontiflex Maupin, but was still able to fulfill his duties afterwards without complaining or seeking medical attention.


Madigan and Threedice stopped by Cloche Arde during the preparations for Europe's grand gala. When he saw Rossamünd Bookchild, he stared at him with a callous, but melancholy intensity and looked away when Rossamünd nodded at him. Threedice did not dress in costume for the gala, instead wearing heavier proofing than would be expected for such an event and spent the evening glowering at the men who were paying constant attention to Madigan.[3]

Later in the evening, Madigan led a company of lesquin troubardiers against the Broken Doll. They eventually pursued Pater Pontiflex Maupin into the basement connected by underground passages to the chancery and Messrs. Gabritas & Thring, where they were able to put their coordinated fighting style to effect. During the fight Threedice's arm was severely injured, but he nonetheless soldiered on and accompanied Madigan when they went on ahead to the home of Oberon, Europe's surgeon. He brewed Cathar's Treacle for the injured fulgar and also went to work on some other draughts. Rossamünd assisted him with the brewing of occludile of lazarin despite his reluctance, and twice carried over the scripts that Threedice had brewed. After Europe was allowed to see visitors, Madigan and Threedice again went ahead to prepare for joining her on her trip to Sinster and accompanied her on her journey.[4]


His name may be a reference to Cee-lo, a gambling game played with three six-sided dice.


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