The following is a timeline of events that occur or are mentioned in Monster Blood Tattoo. The main story and the side story, The Corsers’ Hinge: A Lamplighter Tale, take place in HIR 1601.

Year Event Reference
Early 8th century HIR Founding of Brandenbrass. Factotum explicarium
HIR 1101 Henoticon drawn up by Empress Quintinia Excrutia Scepticus. Foundling explicarium
HIR 1263 Lahzars first appear in the Sceptic Empire. Foundling explicarium
HIR 1311 Brandenard is officially recognized as the common language, while Tutin is declared to be the language of politics and education. Lamplighter explicarium
HIR 1352 Creation of the Slothog. Foundling explicarium
HIR 1395 Battle of the Gates. The Sceptic Dynasty is replaced by the Haacobin Dynasty. Foundling explicarium
HIR 1401 Founding of the Patredike. Factotum, Chapter 14 - Mentioned in Trottinott's tour of the Patredike.
HIR 1413 Fayelillian is rewarded for its loyalty by the Haacobin Dynasty. Lamplighter explicarium
Late 15th century HIR Establishment of the Idlewild. Lamplighter explicarium
Early 16th century HIR The Survey Act sets land aside to grow timber for the construction of rams and cargoes. Factotum explicarium
HIR 1539 Birth of Patchword Fyfe. Factotum explicarium
HIR 1585 Much of the northern Soutlands are struck with a plague of consumptive palsy. Factotum explicarium
HIR 1587 Bellicos sees action against the Herdebog Trought. Lamplighter, Chapter 7 - Bellicos mentions '87 when he recognises the monster.
HIR 1588 Battle of Maundersea and death of Rear-Admiral Patchword Fyfe.

Sallow Meermoon begins studying to be a skold at the rhombus in Wörms.[1]

Podious Whympre becomes Master-of-Clerks at Winstermill.[2]

Numps survives a monster attack on the Conduit Vermis thanks to Cinnamon.[3]

Factotum explicarium
HIR 1601 The events of Monster Blood Tattoo.

Cachrys: Sallow completes her studies and returns to the Brindlewood.[1]

23 Lirium: Rossamünd meets Europe. Licurius is killed in the fight with the nimbleschrewds.[4]

28 Lirium: Rossamünd arrives at Winstermill.[4]

4 Pulvis: The carriage carrying Dolours and Threnody of Herbroulesse is attacked on its way to Winstermill by Horn-ed Nickers.[5]

5 Pulvis: A fire set by Gosling Corvinius Arbour destroys Madam Opera's.[6]

6 Pulvis: Rossamünd is imposed pots-and-pans as a punishment.[5]

9 Pulvis: Rossamünd serves his imposition of pots-and-pans in the Winstermill kitchens.[7]

23 Herse: Battle of Wormstool[8]

6 Unxis: The Gathephär leaves Coddlingtine Dell with other monsters to participate in the assault on Winstermill.[9]

9 Unxis: Launching of the NB Warspite. Rossamünd is saved by the Lapinduce.[10]

Europe and her companions learn that the Gathephär has left Coddlingtine Dell.[11]

Ambush at Step Dribble the following day.

Battle of Winstermill and deaths of Podious Whympre and Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill.

20 Narcis: Europe's grand gala and assault on Pater Pontiflex Maupin.[12]

21 Narcis: Rossamünd and Europe part ways for the last time.

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