Transmogrification, or more technically clysmosurgia, is the process through which surgeons graft mimetic organs into humans to turn them into lahzars. It is viewed as a philosophy of black habilistics, and as such is illegal to perform within the Haacobin Empire.


The process of transmogrification was first developed by the Cathars, a race from beyond the Half-Continent. It is rumored that the surgical and mimetic knowledge needed for transmogrification is the result of a historied communion between Cathartic scholars and the servants of various false-gods. Lahzars refute this claim, while transmogrifers themselves offer no opinion. Though it is unknown whether or not this assertation is true, it lends credence to the supposed of the destruction of Caathis at the hands of false-gods. Today, transmogrification is illegal in the Haacobin Empire. This means little in practice, however, as the remnants of the Cathar race have settled largely in regions beyond the Empire's reach. The most convenient location for Imperial citizens to become transmogrified is in the city of Sinster, to the east.


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