Type Heavy pediteer
Employed by Various
Special equipment Harness
Various polearms
Appearances Lamplighter
Mentioned Foundling

A troubardier (pronounced "troo-bard-ear") is the heaviest type of pediteer. They take their name from the combination of proof-steel armor and proofed clothing they wear into battle, which is known as troubarding. This harness makes them all but invulnerable to enemy shot but at the cost of mobility and speed. While troubardiers are the slowest troops on the battlefield they are also the toughest and are used primarily in an assault role, advancing at a steady pace until they can close with their adversaries. As an elite class of pediteer they also comprise lifeguards and serve as garrison troops and lesquins.

Troubardiers have been in existence for at least 200 years and were among the soldiers deployed by the Leaguesarmy during the Battle of the Gates in HIR 1395.


Troubardier - full harness

A troubardier in full harness.

Troubardier armour consists of:

Armament includes:


The armor, armament and fighting style of troubardiers are similar to real-world pikemen and halberdiers. However, as equiteers play a minimal role in most battles outside of cities troubardiers are primarily used to break through proofing-clad infantry. The ability of gaulded harness to prevent musket balls from penetrating means that melee combat is still common, much as renaissance battles were often decided by the push of pike or cavalry charges.