Gott Empire
Alternate names Turkmantium
Part of Half-Continent
Type Empire
Appearances Mentioned in Factotum

The Turkmantine Empire, also known as Turkmantium, is an empire north of the Marrow and is the Haacobin Empire's greatest rival and most dangerous foe. Its people are known as Turkemen.


The ruling cast of the Empire is known as the Omdür while the ruler himself is the Püshtän.


It is suggested that fear of a Turkmantine invasion is a major binding force among the different regions and city-states. Most details of their empire, culture, and civilization remain unknown. While the Turkemen have been able to project armies across the Marrow it is not mentioned whether the empire actually controls the Wildlands immediately to its north, which constitute a sort of buffer between the states.

At the time of the Battle of the Gates, the Turkmemen were bent on conquest but had failed to make any headway against their southern enemies, never once having breached the Marrow's defences.


The army is notable for its open use of large, powerful gudgeons known as Bolbogis or dogs-of-war. These enormous creatures, which formed the Turkmantine vanguard at the Battle of the Gates, are driven into battle by beast-handlers and released upon enemy formations, often doing great damage before they are slain. Two types of pediteers, the Ghirkis and Infantis, and artillery are also mentioned as being present.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Turkmantine Empire is based on the historical Ottoman Empire, which dominated the Balkans and Near East for centuries.[1] It is characterised as being more of a central hemisphere, with "heat, dust, desert-dweling monsters and all that."[2] The Turkmantine Empire's rivalry with the Haacobin Empire is similar to that between the Ottomans and the Byzantine Empire.


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