For the language, see Tutin.
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The Tutins are the ruling race of the Haacobin Empire. The term also refers to their language, which is the language of scholarship and government within the empire.

Tutelarch and TutinEdit

What is now called the Haacobin Empire was founded by Dido of the Attics, granddaughter of Idaho. The collapse of Phlegmish civilization had flooded the central areas of the Half-Continent with refugees. It may be implied that many of these banded together under Dido's rule to form the Tutelarchs, "ruling teachers", who went on to complete the vast system of defenses known as the Marrow and expand into the various lands behind it. The march of the Tutelarchs was not without setbacks, however. Their descendants the Tutins have not inherited the sum total of their greatness, but were still "strong enough to conquer" the Soutlands. At the time of the Battle of the Gates the Sceptic Dynasty, descended from Dido, was still the supreme ruling force in the empire.

Current statusEdit

It can be asked whether Tutin rule is still what it was under the Sceptics, since the Battle of the Gates demonstrated the military supremacy of the Soutland city-states. Many aristocratic lines claim to be descended from the Tutelarch Dido, but a notable exception is the Haacobin Dynasty, who usurped the Sceptics.


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Behind the scenesEdit

According to D. M. Cornish, the "tut" portion of the word Tutelarch and the "in" portion from Latin were joined to create "Tutin".[1]


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