Greater Derehund
A Greater Derehund
Affiliations Various
Type Fighting dog
Master Various
Unique traits Large size
Appearances Lamplighter, Factotum

A tykehound is any one of a breed of large fighting dogs specifically bred to hunt and fight monsters. They may also be used as a "security system" at some strongholds. A good tykehound combines strength, ferocity, endurance and acute senses that allow them to detect, track and engage nickers who may be much more dangerous than themselves. The most effective use of such dogs in coursing is to deploy them in the open where they can attack from all directions and either harry or drag a monster down. Because of their natural aggressiveness towards monsters they are also used in hob-rousing or in dogfighting against each other.

The best tykehounds, Greater Derehunds, come from Dereland.


Tykehounds were the only ones who were not fooled by Craumpalin's Exstinker and were able to tell that Rossamünd Bookchild was a rossamünderling. They violently reacted to him as they would towards any monster and provided the first hint as to his true nature.

Instances of useEdit

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