Status Presumably deceased
Affiliations Lamplighters
Occupations Dispensurist
Series debut Lamplighter

Tynche was the dispensurist assigned to Wormstool. He was described as being trim-looking.



Tynche appeared during Rossamünd Bookchild and Threnody's first meal at Wormstool after they had arrived, remarking that the cothouse lacked decent and consistent antiscorbutics to help prevent scurvy.[1] A few days later after Rossamünd unexpectedly caught a 50 pound barrel of musket shot that had fallen while it was being hoisted to the fourth floor of the cothouse, Poesides told him to see Tynche or Splinteazle if he needed to. Tynche was presumably killed during the Battle of Wormstool after the attacking monsters succeeded in gaining access to the upper floors of the cothouse.


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 23


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