Herdebog Trought
The Herdebog Trought.
Other names Cacoglumbs
Origin Idlewild
Type Nicker
Stance towards everyman Hostile
Unique traits Have large polls similar to those of animals.
Appearances Lamplighter
Mentioned Factotum

An umbergog is a nicker characterised by having an ettin-like body and a large, oversized poll in the likeness of another animal. They are more bestial than ettins and usually smaller, although enormous exceptions exist. The only larger monsters are the false-gods. Ettins and umbergogs are also collectively known as cacoglumbs. Umbergogs and other belugigs can be found in the Frugelle and presumably in other examples of the wilds.

The Herdebog Trought was a notable umbergog that was encountered on the Conduit Vermis.

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