Unnamed brinksman
Status Deceased
Affiliations Pater Pontiflex Maupin
Occupations Brinksman
Reddleman (disguise)
Weapons Pistols
Series debut Factotum

To track Europe went she went on her knave, Pater Pontiflex Maupin hired an unnamed brinksman who posed as a reddleman.


To affect his disguise, the brinksman assumed the identity of a reddleman, complete with clothing and skin stained by the dyes that he sold as well as a handcart containing the dyes. A hint of his true nature was provided by his eyes, which had an overexercised and frantic look.



The brinksman was first spotted among the Catherine wheels outside Brandenbrass in his guise as a reddleman, an incongruous sight among the instruments of death. He was later seen at Spelter Innings, where he noticed Rossamünd Bookchild looking at him.[1] Fransitart and Craumpalin saw him again at Angas Welcome when they went there to engage a local pathpry to help Europe track the Sloe Sapperling.[2] The reddleman participated in the ambush at Step Dribble, where he was killed by Europe herself and found by Rossamünd. When he later mentioned the man to Gaspard Plume, the mattern suggested that the mysterious figure had been a brinksman, which would explain how he had been able to follow them on foot all throughout the course of the knave.[3]


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