Vinegar seas
Alternate names the acerbic seas
the lurid seas
the soda-seas
the Main
the wine
the vinegar
the deeps
the sea
the ocean
Part of Harthe Alle
Type Ocean
Appearances Series

The vinegar seas, or vinegar waves, is the primarily used term for the oceans and seas of the world, referring to their sharp, sour-wine smells. The seas gain their vinegar smells from various exotic salts that dissolve from the ocean floor the world over. Despite the fact that these salts smell alike, different bodies of water have different colors. There are bright yellow, orange, red, violent blues, murky greens, white, and black, to name a few. There are many different kinds of bodies, including the pontis (seas), mares (oceans), and gurgises or gurgës (deep, intercontinental oceans filled with storms and huge kraulshwimmen).


The exotic chemistry lent to the seas by the dissolved salts turn the seas acrid and inhospitable. Contact with seawater is hazardous to everymen. Half an hour of exposure results in red-raw skin and sharp stinging. Three-quarters of an hour results in painful blisters that can even pop. An hour and a half results in the salts leeching into the body, retarding and even halting vital biochemical reactions, leading to shock and ultimately death.

The salts are also highly corrosive to metals, including the plating used on rams and cargoes. Braice is used to prevent the corrosion of metal used on these ships.

Sea lifeEdit

Many creatures live in the vinegar seas. Fish, seelows, whales, and other animals are all mentioned as inhabiting the seas. Anything caught from the seas have to be soaked in dulcifiers before they can be consumed. Like the land, the sea can be deeply threwdish in parts, and is home to many different kinds of nadderers.

Named bodies of waterEdit


  • Athethalassis: Also known as the the Pontus Attica. A sea east of the former Attica.


  • Beggar Sea: Also known as the Pontus Mendicus.  A sea off the Stander Lates and the Stafkärlsstig ("wandering beggar" in Hagenard), the southern coasts of Hagenland.
  • The Brey Swill: A body of water south of Cloudeslee and Hamlin.


  • The Grume: A bay with milky olive waters. High Vesting, Brandenbrass, and many other city-states and ports are located around it.
  • Gurgis Magna: Also known as the Gurgis Mange. A gurgis that separates the Half-Continent from Heilgoland to the south.


  • The Liquor: A common collective name that refers to the vast expanse of gurgës east of the Half-Continent, past the smaller pontis and mares.


  • Mare Infernum: Also known as the Larvamaria or the Mare of Ghosts. A mare that lies between the Half-Continent and Heilgoland.
  • Mare Periculum: Also known as the Gramlendenmeer. A mare that lies between the Half-Continent and Dereland.


  • Pontus Nubia: Also known as the "black sea." A sea with ink-black waters.
  • Pontus Canis: Possibly means the "dog sea." A sea between the Haacobin and Gott empires.
  • Punt Tacitum: A body of water between the Lent and the Latterly Inches.


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