Date After the Heldinsage
Location Derelands
Outcome Skylds forced to flee to the Half-Continent by the Hagenards
Affiliations involved Hagenards


Participants Biargë
Ulfe Pytr
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Lamplighter explicarium. Lamplighter mini

The Volkammerung was a period of decay following the Heldinsage in the Derelands characterised by conflict between monsters and humans. During this time the Hagenards forced the Skylds from their homeland and across the sea to the Half-Continent aided by Biargë, who had turned on her own people. It was also a time during which great warriors such as Grettir and Skarphethinn achieved renown.


  • "Volkammerung" is probably a reference to the European Age of Migrations, known in German as the Völkerwanderung, which followed/caused the downfall of the Roman Empire.
  • This may around be the same time at which Phlegmish rule failed, the Attics declined and Plutarchs/Tutelarchs arose and kingdoms such as Samé were ruined. If so, focus on defense (exemplified by efforts such as the Marrow) as opposed to expanding conquests may have been a symptom of exhaustion or overextension of human civilization.

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