For the country of the same name, see Wörms (country).
Part of Wörms
Type City
Appearances Mentioned in Trilogy

Wörms is a city on the far eastern side of the Ichormeer, bordering the enormous Wormwood on the west and part of the country of Wörms. Known for training excellent skolds and scourges at its rhombuses, the city was founded by the Skylds, after whom its inhabitants still call themselves. Though centuries old (it was the second city the Skylds founded), its proximity to the Gluepot means that its environs are still notoriously threwdish and its citizens dour and watchful. The city is built mostly of black stone, and its walls are topped with spikes and gallows.

Sallow Meermoon trained to be a skold at Wörms for three years and Frangipanni hails from there.

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