Alternate names Opthasaum
Type Alembant
User Leers
Black-eyed wit
Mentioned Lamplighter

A wash or opthasaum is a type of alembant that permanently alters a person's eyes, giving them enhanced sight beyond that of normal humans and permanently changing their eye colour. Washes are primarily used by those who wish to transform themselves into leers, either laggards or a falsemen. The process of transforming the eyes is called adparation and takes two months.


  • Bile of Vatës
  • Saum of Adparat
  • Swill of Cognit
  • Unnamed wash: An unnamed wash was used by the black-eyed wit to make his eyes completely black, enhancing his unsettling appearance.[1] What additional capabilities this gave him, if any, were not specified. He may or may not have prepared his eyes for the change by using Saum of Adparat.


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 19

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