Wettin Lowroad
Wettin Lowroad
Type Road
Mentioned Lamplighter

The Wettin Lowroad is a dangerous road that stretches from Bleak Lynche to Burgundis, passing between the Ichormeer and Wettin along the way. The isolated, semi-independent city of Hurdling Migh is the only known settlement on the road, located at the narrowest point between these two swamps.

Despite its lesser status (as it is not a highroad no lamplighters serve on it), the road is likely more useful and doubtless more heavily travelled than the eastern Conduit Vermis, which loses itself in the Ichormeer for more several hundred miles before reaching the city of Wörms. The dray that brought stores to Wormstool from Hurdling Migh near the end of Threnody and Rossamünd Bookchild's first week there came by way of the Wettin Lowroad.[1]


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 24

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