Alternate names Chortlingberry
Type Wayfood
User Various
Appearances Foundling
Mentioned Lamplighter

A whortleberry, also known as a chortlingberry or Periacharë, is a berry that is both the best and most expensive wayfood, giving an adult enough energy to last for much of a day as well as revive the spirits in the same manner as a good restorative. They grow on the whortleberry bush, which can only be found in the western part of the Half-Continent and are cultivated in the farming region of the Patter Moil and the Lausid States. Wild whortleberries however are more potent than the domesticated variety, inducing those brave enough to venture into the wilds to pick them, as twice as much can be made for the same amount of orchard-grown berries.

The berries are about the size of a fingernail and have an unimpressive appearance similar to "the color of a plum gone bad". They taste bland when in the mouth, but when swallowed the effects can be immediately felt.[1] Whortleberries are best picked when they are fresh and pink and are usually dried to keep longer. They can also be made into whortleberry jam and eaten with hard-breads. Whortleberries retain their restorative properties in any form, all of which keep for a very long time. Monsters find them as appetizing as humans, requiring the orchards that grow the berries to be heavily guarded. Europe favours whortleberries as a wayfood.


Whortleberries (vaccinium myrtillus) are a real fruit similar to blueberries. They are commonly known as bilberries and have historically been used in traditional European medicine for centuries.


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