Whympre family
Podious Whympre
Podious Whympre
Based in Brandenbrass
Affiliations Scrupulus Sicus
Notable members Podious Whympre
Appearances Lamplighter
Mentioned Factotum

The Whympre family is a family from Brandenbrass that has tradtionally become glossagraphs. The only named member is Podious Whympre. Although the family has money, Podious' position as the youngest son of a youngest son made him unlikely to inherit. Imperial Secretary Scrupulus Sicus is an old friend of the family's and became Podious' patron, using his influence to get him posted to Winstermill as Master-of-Clerks.

The Battle of Winstermill and exposure of Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill as a black habilist severely discredited Podious and Sicus was later forced to issue a written apology to Europe. It is not clear if this also affected his relationship with the rest of the Whympre family.

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