Threnody as a lamplighter.
Alternate names Neurotocrith
Type Lahzar
Employed by Various
Notable examples Black-eyed wit
Madam Lux
Syncratis Pater
Appearances Lamplighter

A wit, also known as a neurotocrith, is a lahzar who has been transmogrified to send out mental charges or frission to affect the minds of everymen or monsters. The calendar equivalent is pathotine. Wits rival fulgars in effectiveness, especially since most witting is done at range while a fulgar must thermistor to hit distant targets and even then this can be done only under certain conditions.

A bane is a wit who is also a skold. This combination of abilities can be desirable given the amount of alembants a wit must take to survive, more than a fulgar. A dexter is a combination wit and fulgar.


The spoor of a wit is an arrow. This can be displayed on the corner or lower lid of one or both eyes, between the eyes, or on the arch of an eyebrow. Another telltale distinction is their baldness, as wits will lose their hair completely after a few months of striving. They may then either openly display their baldness with pride or don brightly coloured and extravagant wigs. A variation on this is a wigbold, a wit who eschews marking themselves with spoors, but may wear any manner of wig, ranging from the fancy to the ordinary. It is thus possible for them to mask their true identity by appearing as any normal person.


These are collectively known as antics.

  • Faking
  • Sending/Witting
  • Scathing/Striving
  • Writhing

Dexters possess an additional ability called petrusion, which enables them to attack with a static blast at close range without touching their target.


  • Benign mesmerists: Semi-retired and older wits who use their abilities, now reduced by age, to function as entertainment during parties and galas by creating benevolent sensations and experiences in the minds of others. Madam Lux now acts in this capacity.
  • Mesmerists: Wits who focus on more subtle and gentle use of frission, using it to manipulate and coerce their targets without giving themselves away. While it takes great skill, the trade off is that one is less capable of using powerful striving.
  • Striveners: The opposite of mesmerists, wits who practice tightly controlled, yet powerful frission.


Wits must take more alembants than fulgars to maintain themselves, making them more high maintenance.

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