Status Alive
Affiliations Lamplighters
Q Hesiod Gæta (former)
Rank Lampsman 3rd Class (formerly Prentice-lighter)
Occupations Lamplighter
Relatives Unknown father
Weapons Fusil
Series debut Lamplighter

Lampsman 3rd Class Wrangle is a lamplighter who was one of Rossamünd Bookchild's fellow prentice-lighters in the quarto Q Hesiod Gæta at Winstermill. Wrangle is his only name and he is described as being physically adept, but slow-witted, which makes him perfectly suited to be a lamplighter.


Wrangle is of obscure origins. His father was killed by an umbergog that he had tried to bait.



During the fight with the Horn-ed Nickers, he vomited from Threnody of Herbroulesse's ill-directed striving. Like the other prentices of the quarto who played an active role in killing the nickers with their fusils, he received a cruorpunxis in the shape of a small drop of blood, a common practice when a prentice had played a role in slaying a monster but the actual killer was unclear.[1] He spoke up after Threnody wondered aloud who would be simple-enough to bait an umbergog, as his father had died under similar circumstances,[2] and later shot a warning look at both her and Rossamünd Bookchild when they were talking while the quarto waited to enter the Hall of Pageants for Sebastipole's puncting.[3] On Billeting Day he was assigned to Bitterbolt.[4]


Wrangle means to bicker, or quarrel angrily and noisily.


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